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So I've spent sometime recently bitching that I can't find girl pants that I like, in my size. Usually we fat chicks are stuck with either nasty tapered things or elastic waists. No one wants that. So just now I was like.. "you know, I used to love my levis back in the day. I need to see if they carry fatty sizes." so I looked and what do you know.. they carry my size and then some.. in a nice dark color. For 20 bucks I had to order them.

I don't do html so if you care here's the link.

I've been in dude's pants for too long. It's time for a change. I see people in clothes and I think: "hey, I dig that, but I can't wear it."

What the hell is that..? I wouldn't let someone else get away with that attitude. So why do I have all of this negative self talk? Heck no I say, time to be me not what I used to be. Wish me luck. I'll just become the queen of online ordering. The stores here suck. I have money to spend. So I will spend it in stores that care to cater to my and my needs.. I do represent the size of most americans. So I'll spend a little on shipping, so what?
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